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Monday Mixtape Smartyworld 30th BDay Mix

            This Monday Mixtape is a special birthday request for Smarty’s World. Smarty is a wonderful writer/blogger from North Carolina that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, but we have become pretty close online. She had been mentioning that she really wanted a customized mix of […]

Monday Mixtape: Suezette’s Dirty 30

It’s that time again! Suezette’s Birthday!!

Monday Mixtape: 80’s Cuffin Season Mix

Well #CuffinSeason is upon us. I racked my brain trying to find something suitable.

Monday Mixtape: Soca 2011

  Hey Everybody! This week’s mixtape is dedicated to new Soca music. My girl Ava (whose beautiful face is in the cover) goes to Trinidad every year for the Carnivale celebration and this year we collaborated on the best music that slayed the fetes this year. I have to say..I really didn’t know I would […]

Monday Mixtape: Uptown Teddy Riley

This week’s Monday mixtape is once again dedicated to the King of R & B Producers: Teddy Riley! I’ve made no secret about how much I adore Teddy’s work. This makes the third mixtape I’ve done for him!

Monday Mixtape: The BreakUp Mix

This week is The Breakup Mix. I don’t need to explain right?

Lil Jon – Ms. Chocolate (feat. R. Kelly & Mario)

THIS IS MY SONG! If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

The Denzel Principle Mixtape Pt. II: Notes for Halle Berry

Jimi Izrael and DJ Diva are back with a new mixtape for The Denzel Principle. I’m off vacation/work break to bring you a hot new mixtape. Jimi Izreal, the author of The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women can’t Find Good Black Men, reached out to me to fashion a new mix for him.

Monday Mixtape: Mariah Carey (Artist Spotlight)

This Monday Mixtape is all about my birthday idol Mariah Carey. We all share a birthday with someone…and I do with Mariah! Mariah Carey has been an idol of mine for long time. We share the same birthday and although she is 4 years older than me..she has always provided me with the inspiration to follow my dreams.

New R Kelly Videos “Echo” and “Be My #2”

I love R. Kelly’s music…I don’t care what nobody says…Now enjoy! If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

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