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The Denzel Principle Mixtape Pt. II: Notes for Halle Berry

Jimi Izrael and DJ Diva are back with a new mixtape for The Denzel Principle. I’m off vacation/work break to bring you a hot new mixtape. Jimi Izrael, the author of The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women Can’t Find Good Black Men, reached out to me to fashion a new mix for him. I enjoyed the first one I did for him (which you can find here), so I was happy to be tapped to do the second one. Thanks to TripleGoddess for the cover and image you see here! I’ve read his book 3 times so I had an idea of what I was looking at the second time around. As with the first, I included many instrumentals (can you guess which?) and some of my new favorites jams to blend in between his readings. The full length track is available so take a listen and respond to what Jimi has to say. His readings are in black. For the record, I agree with Jimi on a lot of his points. Not Denzel though…more like Boris Kodjoe for me.

Did you catch Jimi on Nightline with Hil Harper, Sherri Shepard and that other chick (no shade/shade lol) Here’s a clip:

“The Denzel Principle” is not a book of advice, but rather a book of lessons. Advice can be good or bad, but lessons come with a guarantee: you will absolutely learn SOMETHING. You may not like what you learn, or see the use for it immediately, but you learn from a lesson, and everyone will learn something different. “Denzel” is smart, bitter, sad, happy, over-sexed, hilarious and exciting — with a lesson for everyone who reads it. Is your man a “Denzel?” Take the quiz. With this book, Izrael has craft a commentary like no other.

And everyone is talking about it.

The Denzel Principle is a humorous look at the age old complaint of the inability for African American women to find a “good man”. {jimi izrael} walks you through his personal romantic experiences and derives his opinion from that. He feels that African American women have been poisoned by years of Oprah Winfrey,  Denzel Washington and Essence Magazine. Should you read this book? I think you should…” – Oretha Winston

There is more than a little truth to {jimi izrael’s} theory” –Denise Johnson

it’s a memoir, satirical… his opinion…. so you have to take it with a grain of salt.” — Fungke Black Chick

” This memoir rates an A+” – Kam Williams

Basically what guys talk about in barbershops… YES, it’s funny” Black Voices

About the author ….

To download the CD version please click here

Track Listing

1. Re-Intro

2. I Don’t Need It – Jamie Foxx

3. The Pimptress

4. Little Freak – Usher ft. Nikki Minaj

5. Barack vs Denzel

6. Already Taken – Trey Songz

7. The Application

8. Down Like That – T.I., Will.I.Am & Fergie

9. Dawgs and Bitches

10. I Love The DJ – R. Kelly

11. Kiss-Her – T-Pain

12. If I Was Dating a White Woman…

13. Miss Chocolate – Lil Jon ft. R. Kelly & Mario

14. Diagnosing The Dizzle

15. Over – Drake

16. Fall Again – Robin Thicke

17. Don’t Settle,Be Reasonable

18. Window Seat – Erykah Badu

19. Fabulous – Jaheim

20. Falling In Love With Preston

21. Don’t Make Em Like U No More – Ruben Studdard

22. What’s A Good Guy Looks Like

23. Makeup Bag – The Dream ft T.I.

24. I, Misogynist

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