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A former clubhead, DJ Diva has been spinning Old School, R&B and HipHop since 2000. She’s played in Harlem’s world famous spots such as 22 West, The Paris Blue and the now defunct Wells. She was trained by the legendary DJ Darryl James and accompanied such DJs as DJ Hollywood and DJ Tall Guy. Her specialty is Old School music from the 80’s and 90’s, yet her ear for future classics is uncontested! Her website is www.themixtress.com, where you’ll find dance classics and club bangers.

Some things peoples have said:

Todd Kelley:

My man Fave Nite (Musician and Hot of The Friday FaveCast) was interviewed by DJ Diva-The Mixtress of R&B today. She did a great job for her first interview; touching on such topics as the origins of his name, his 2007 Podcaster of The Year honors, and his future in music.


DJ Diva put together a on point podcast with music of Frankie Beverly & Maze.


I am taking this opportunity to heap praise and salutations to the OFFICIAL DJ of this website….DJ Diva the Mixtress of R&B who has elevated her Podcast game over the past several months.

DJ Naut:

DJ Diva August 2008 Mixtape DJ of the year

Vivrant Thing

DJ Diva (Do the ladies run this mutha – hellll yea! You know I got love for the female DJ. I love her artist spotlights which have featured music from Al Green, Luther, Prince, Aretha Franklin, and The O’Jays)

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