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Pot Likkuh by DJ Markus Gramm

Pot Likkuh by DJ Markus Gramm Grab a big, steamy slice of cornbread and dip it in this. If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

The Music Lounge: Prototype Of Nu-Soul #15

My Boy Todd Kelley Hits us with The Prototype Of Nu-Soul #15. Get familiar Negroes.

Sade’s new song Soldier Of Love

Sade’s new song…man I been waiting for this forever!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

Usher Doubted Releasing Papers

So Ursher had doubts about releasing Papers? I don’t know why…I love the song and I keep hearing men humming and singing it. It’s the new Let it Burn…too late now bro…it’s out there!

Completion: Eric Roberson on the FFC

My boy Fave dropped that craziness today. I’m so happy for him. This interview was such a score!!! faveeric In this edition, we’ve reached a very special milestone that I’m excited to share with you. As always, the playlist is packed with the best soul & progressive hip hop in the world – guaranteed to […]

An Interview with Jocelyn Brown

Seen at the BBC Talking Shop: Jocelyn Brown Singer Jocelyn Brown is renowned for her powerful voice, which she has been committing to record for more than 30 years. Jocelyn Brown is the vocal power behind many disco and clubland hits The 58-year-old, who was born in the US but has lived in London for […]

Woman by M.E. (Feat. Ki) Produced by D’Lux (New Music)

I received this track a while back and I really liked it…what do you think? Please go to www.myspace.com/MExplains for more information on this artist If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

Aaliyah Video Tribute

She wasn’t the greatest singer live on stage but on the big screen she was magic. Here are just a few videos that will help me deal with today…the 8th anniversary of her death… Japanimation Commercial 2001 Aaliyah & DMX – Back In One Piece Aaliyah – Rock The Boat Aaliyah – If Your Girl […]

Drex – Rise To The Top (VIDEO)

What’s New in 2009 DJ Diva?

Moving back to New York in 08 has had it’s challenges but has been very rewarding. Most people who come to my site now don’t know that I started off as topic driven blogger 4 years ago (who had the long posts lol). I always had the moniker DJ Diva before I started blogging.  I […]

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