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Monday Mixtape Back To School

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I’m back from vacation…

Every few months I step away from old school and jump into some new music. You remember June Jackin? April Rain? Well this is “Back To School

I walk my kids 3 blocks to school every morning. Being in Harlem, a car will inevitably come past blasting a popular song. For instance: T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It” came on and kids stoppped in the street…and broke out dancing! At 8am! I put some of these together with some new tracks I been jammin to. Enjoy!

Track Listing

1. By My Side – Jadakiss Ft. Neyo
2. Champagne (Remix) – Ron Browz Ft. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana
3. Addiction (remix) – Ryan Leslie Ft. Cassie, Fabolous
4. Can’t Believe It – 50 Cent Ft. T-Pain
5. Swagga Like Puff – Diddy
6. Paper Planes (Remix) – MIA Ft. Lil Wayne
7. Nobody – Ne-Yo
8. Spotlight (Remix) – Jennifer Hudson Ft. Young Jeezy
9. Boyz – NeYo
10. Its Over – John Legend Ft. Kanye West
11. Why Just Be Friends – Joe Thomas
12. Comfortable – Lil’ Wayne Ft. Babyface
13. Mrs. Officer – Lil’ Wayne Ft. Bobby Valentine
14. Still Me – Usher
15. Need You Bad (Remix) – Jazmine Sullivan Ft. T.I
16. Whatever You Like (Remix) – T.I. Ft. Ludacris
17. What Them Girls Like – Ludacris Ft Chris Brown & Sean Garrett
18. The Sweetest Love – Robin Thicke

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    8 comments for “Monday Mixtape Back To School”

    1. Lookee, Lookee who’s getting their swag on! This is hot, may have to put this one on the Zen Player. Keep Bangin’ em mommy!

      Scribes last blog post..Ask Not What Your Government Can Do For YOU?!?

      Posted by Scribe | September 22, 2008, 7:52 am
    2. Awww I must have hit it out the park if my husband is commenting!

      I got you Daddy!

      themixtresss last blog post..Kidz In The Hall (Feat. Estelle) – Love Hangover

      Posted by themixtress | September 23, 2008, 9:01 pm
    3. Hi,
      Just discovered your treasure trove of great mixes. Lord have mercy! I’ve listened to only a few, but I love your effort and dedication.
      One suggestion: Can you warn us when the mixes contain cuts with words we would not repeat in church or to my children?

      I respect and defend artists’ rights to use any words of expression they desire. If I know what’s up, then I can decide to listen or to pass, no problem.

      I just hate to be blindsided by Nigga talk, F-this and MF-that in something as innocuous (I thought) as a “Back to School” mix.

      Posted by DaddyD | October 27, 2008, 12:46 am
    4. @Daddy D–

      This is music site.

      This is not a church site,

      This is not a “nigga talk” site,

      This is not a site that issues warnings about its music.

      It is a DJ spreading her gift (for free, I should add) to the world.
      It is the responsibility of the listener to listen and discern whether what they are hearing is appropriate for themselves and those they are concerned about. The reference to “Back to School” was clearly a reference to the time of year.

      I responded to your comment because I think it should have been fairly obvious to you that the music listed on this mixtape was explicit. Did you really think a song with 50 cent and T Pain was going to be “clean”????
      What could you possibly think was innocuous about the “Champagne” (remix)???? Seriously?

      Your comment wreaked of high and mightiness and I don’t think that’s fair to the DJ.

      thepoliticalassistants last blog post..Panic and Anxiety

      Posted by thepoliticalassistant | October 28, 2008, 9:59 am
    5. @PoliticalAssistant:
      Dear Brother or Sister:
      Thank you for reading and passionately responding to my post. I’m sorry if I sounded high and/or mighty, or anything I said sounded unfair to the DJ, as that was not my intent.
      I hope I implied that I have the utmost appreciation and respect for her talents and gifts to us via this site. And I will remain one of her many (new) fans, even with a little cussin’ in the music.
      Having said that, however, your main counterpoints fall flat in this context.
      1. “This is not a site that issues warnings about its music.”
      Obviously not! My suggestion is that perhaps it should, as many other sites do. Doesn’t even have to be for every mix, just a general one that says something like “I don’t censor the artists here,” etc.

      2. “It is the responsibility of the listener to … discern whether what they are hearing is appropriate …”
      I do have to agree with you here. But is it so wrong of me to ask for a little hint before I have to hear “Niggah this and F-that” 14 times? Isn’t this why we have ratings/warnings for movies, games, and, yes, CDs?

      3. “The reference to “Back to School” was clearly … to the time of year.”
      Yes, and your point here is? I mean, was I supposed to associate school kids bopping along in the street with (in a FEW cases) illiterate lyrics, and explicit rap?

      4. “… I think it should have been fairly obvious to you that the music listed on this mixtape was explicit. Did you really think a song with 50 cent and T Pain was going to be “clean”????”
      Well, I hear “clean” versions of 50 and T on the radio all the time. Again, with no warning, why should I have automatically expected “Back to School” to be the niggerized versions? LOL
      Obviously, DJDIVA does not feel it necessary to have explicit cautions on the site. Her choice and her right. And obviously not many other listeners are raising the subject, so despite all my writing, I can see it’s NOT a big deal.
      As a new person here, I merely stated my reaction to being surprised at that particular set.
      Much love, and all hail President-Elect Barack Obama.

      Posted by DaddyD | November 5, 2008, 11:30 am
    6. @DaddyD

      It should be noted that I do not speak for DJ Diva. She is the sole controller of this site, and while I am her husband, I did not respond to you to discourage others from expressing their opinion.

      Having said that…

      I responded to you the way I did, because I do not feel we need to be warned about art. I also responded because to me this a personal responsibility issue as well.

      Parents shouldn’t need warning labels to know something isn’t good for their child unless its something along the lines of medicine. There are no warning labels on a box of Oreos, yet you know better than to let your kid eat 9 boxes of ’em. How is that? Perhaps you did some homework?

      No one needs a warning before
      listening because if they just play it, they will know if its appropriate or not. The words you hear are just that words. There are no good words, there are no bad words, there are only words. You have attached a judgment to these words. You’ve labeled them “nigga talk”–I object to that. In fact, its insulting. What you call “nigga talk” some people put their entire lives into creating into an artform. It demands respect, even if you (personally) don’t enjoy it. We hear swear words all day, but the minute someone utters one in a song…we’re offended…puh…leeze. Its disengenious at best.

      Kids go to school when? August and September. Car Dealers have Back to School sales not because they want children to buy cars but because it gives them a way to market cars in August and September. Its a reference point. People say all the time “I’ll see you around the holidays” What they are really saying is…around December or January. My point is that the reference had nothing to do with children and that should be clear to any thinking adult.

      You hit the nail on the head when you said you hear clean versions of xyz on the radio…this is not the radio–this is a music-centered website. The DJ is at the top holding a drink and is dressed in a sleeveless blouse. She is clearly an adult. I think its disingenious of you to suggest that you would be fooled into beliving a ANY song on this site is clean unless clearly labeled as such. I know I would never assume anything on a site like this is appropriate for my children.

      Its not the DJ’s responsiblity to police art for you. Much of the “clean” rap you hear just bleeps out curse words but the offensive parts are usually “cleanly stated”. For example…”IT AIN’T NO FUN IF MY HOMEY CAN’T HAVE NONE” is there a curse there? Kinda offensive though if you ain’t the homey huh? Peace.

      thepoliticalassistants last blog post..VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

      Posted by thepoliticalassistant | November 5, 2008, 1:33 pm
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