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Old School Mixtape/ Your Cheating Heart!

Ok so Blogger ate my first post…I’m a Diva…I ranted…Now I’m over it!

Good thing it did…cause now I revised the playlist and it’s even better than before!

So sit back…press play…and remember all the times you cheated…or the times that you were cheated on! And if you have a little time…read my commentary on each song…it’s partially a response to Miss Ladybug…She asked about my top 10 dating mistakes…well this is 30! …..I hope I put in a couple that you haven’t heard…because….

I …

Am …


Don’t forget it! LOL

1. Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed (Remix) – Dru HillIf there ever was…I never caught it! Negroes would have been on the news “ There was apparently a double shooting…a short black woman is in custody…full story at 11!”

Y2. Somebody Elses Guy – Jocelyn Brown- Yeah…I messed around with somebody else’s guy…didn’t we all? Even if we didn’t know it?

3. Another Man – Barbara MasonNow I can say this did happen to me…I dated someone at 15…and at 18…Mommy and I was watching the news…after Arthur Ashe’s death…and I saw dude…Mommy said “didn’t you date him?” I said “yeah”…She said “He’s gay”…I said “I see!”

4. Who’ Making Love – Johnnie Taylor You never know what someone is doing…while you out doing it too!

5. Candy Licker – Marvin SeaseThis was the first time I ever heard of “Jody”…I’m glad I married one LMAO!

Let me lick you up

Let me lick you down

Turn around baby

Let me lick you all around!

And he’s mine…if anybody comes near him…refer back to song #1

6.Clean Up Woman – Betty WrightThere are a lot of clean-up women out there…I have runa across more than my share!

7.Call Me – SkyyI don’t think I was ever this bold…but then again…

8.Part Time Lover – Stevie WonderYeah I had one once…and it was worth it!

9.Usher -You Make Me WannaWhy do men fall into this trap?

10.Girlfriend – Alicia KeysDon’t believe his ass! The Angry Dwarf and the Hebrew ran this line on me….In the Hebrew’s case…she’s now the mother of 5 of his kids!

11.Creep (So So Def Remix) – TLCI had this on my answering machine…while I was dating DJ the DJ…until a chick called and said “Oh you creeping? Well he is too!”…I wasn’t mad…but I erased it…..

12.Mr. Man – Alicia Keys (duet w Jimmy Cozier)I can’t say how many times this happened to me in a club….but I remember when it happened with JOE…that I should have done it (another AD reference…I can’t help it LOL!)

13.Same Girl Remix – R. Kelly feat. Usher & T-PainYes I was the same girl…and I don’t regret it!

14.Emotional (remix) – Carl Thomas/Faith EvansI was busted by the Indian hugged up in Bentley’s…You’ll have to read it in the book…But let me tell you it was funny as hell!

15.Please Dont Go Remix – TGT (Tyrese Ginuwine Tank)- Negroes always trying to beg u back!

16.Down Low Remix – R Kelly – This song used to play every time my cheating partner would come over…too creepy!

17.Contagious – Isley Brothers & R KellyI’ve never been busted per se…

18.Friend of Mine – Kelly Price ft. R Kelly & Ron IsleyAnd I never busted anyone with my Best Friend…but if I did? Refer back to #1

19.All I Want Is You – Kelly Price Feat K-Ci & Gerald LevertNow this did happen…and I told them both…and kept them both…then got rid of them both! Punk Asses!

20.Drama-Misery – Blackstreet ft Mary J BligeI love this song!

21.Your Secret Love – Luther VandrossAgain…another favorite cheating song…When I willingly submitted to cheating…I used to play this a lot!

22.Shes got papers on me – Richard Dimples FieldThe funniest old school song ever!…When she busts him in the shower…singing about the next chick? I crack up!

23.Secret Lovers – Atlantic StarI was 14 when this was out…and I had a crush on someone in high school…He loved ugly chicks…but I wished he loved me LOL

24.Just Be A Man About It – Toni BraxtonI wish more men would!

25.I’m Not Gonna Cry – Mary J BligeBut I did cry…for about 3 months!

26.If Loving You Is Wrong – Al GreenAl Green is the man! Even with third degree burns from grits!

27.Woman To Woman – Barbara MasonI played this role quite often…If my man was cheating with you? Sweetie…you getting a phone call….and quite possibly a beat down!

28. Confessions Part II – Usher – I forced the Ranting Runt to do this to his girl…he had to confess…I had too much evidence!

29. You Oughta Know – Alanis MorrisetteBut I ended up singing this song!

30. Cowboys and Angels – George MichaelNow this is a song to the one who broke my heart the best….I should have learned from the lyrics:

You can call it love
But I don’t think it’s true
You’re not to blame
It always ends the same

Please be stronger than your past
The future
May still give you
A chance

And it does…those who want to cheat…they will always find a way to….I’m glad to say that I am a reformed cheater. It won’t happen again (never ever…never ever?) Yes never again. I have finally found the man who deserves my faithfulness. Scribe….the most wonderful man I have ever met. Thank you God…for finally giving me the rest I needed in him.

Which was your favorite cheating song?

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