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Old School Mixtape: BENTLEY’S VOL.1

My blog sister Ladybug made a request in my comments last week. She slightly complained that although she liked the 80’s…she wanted to hear something from the 90’s. Since most of my partying was done during the 90’s…I was all to happy to oblige her!!!!!!!

In honor of your return to the blogworld and because you were brave enough to believe in me…that I would actually complete it!

This List is also special to me because it reminds me of the club Bentley’s. Bentley’s was the longest running nightclub in NY before the Shadow Nightclub. They are/were both owned by the same guy. The lines for Bentley’s used to be around the corner…down from 40th St and Madison…all the way down to 42nd ST! Not that I know anything about standing on that line….when I was 18…I dated the DJ…DJ the DJ…Darryl James…my DJ Mentor. Man was he cool….He was 10 years older than me…but never made me feel my age….My friends…my cousins…me…all of us used to get in for free….He would say how many you bringing? 5,8,10…it never mattered to Darryl…DJ Diva was getting in…and all my friends were cute LOL! He taught me so much about music…switching songs…keeping the party going….More on him later I guess…but thanks Darryl…what you taught me…never left me!

Now onto the Music!


90’s Girl (Encore Extended Club Mix) – Blackgirl

Treat ‘Em Right – Chubb Rock

OPP – Naughty By Nature

Ruffneck – MC Lyte

Lookin’ At The Front Door – Main Source

Rumpshaker – Wreckx n Effect

Flava In Ya Ear – Craig Mack

Can’t You See – Total

You Don’t Have To Worry (What’s The 411 Remix) – Mary J. Blige

Aint No Nigga – Jay Z and Foxy Brown

You’re the One For Me – SWV

Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison

You Called And Told Me – Jeff Redd

I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd

Finally – Cece Peniston

Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson

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