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Monday Mixtape: Memphis Blues Pt2

Welcome to another Memphis Edition of the Monday Mixtape. Memphis Blues Part 2 aka the Marriage Blues. When I go to different cities, I like to pick up on the musical tastes of those around me and the various night spots we hang out in. This time around what I noticed the most were that the most popular songs were about cheating…and not just cheating…serious adultery was being committed in these songs. Women..Men…they both were singing about sneaking around on their spouses. Stories, advice, caution…a person could pick up a lot of tips if one was so inclined ;)

Confirmed: Drake Song Fireworks About Rhianna

This week on Twitter, Fabulous said that the Drake album “Thank Me Later” was the Hottest R&B album out right now. I tend to agree with him. Full of moody beats and striking lyrics sung in a truly melodic fashion, this R&B DJ immediately fell in love when he began to sing Find Your Love. [...]

Monday Mixtape: Golden Workout Mix

My girl Golden aka Miss Jo_Ladie made a request last week for some workout music! Now me and her go way back…back to where we didn’t speak but moved around in the same blog circles (back when I was a personal blogger lol) Since arriving on Twitter and especially since my return back to NY…it seems we have gotten closer and that’s a good thing because I would never have know what a talented and sweet person she is. I went all over the place with this mix…playing some of my recent favorites like DJ Webstar and Lady Gaga…I also took it back to the oldschool..because…well because that what I do baby!

Monday Mixtape: Request Volume 1

This week’s Monday Mixtape was inspired by several different factors. Whenever I go to a party I always request songs…I can’t help it! And I always love when they play a track beyond the 2 min break…for me …some songs are meant to be 5-9 mins long!

What’s New in 2009 DJ Diva?

Moving back to New York in 08 has had it’s challenges but has been very rewarding. Most people who come to my site now don’t know that I started off as topic driven blogger 4 years ago (who had the long posts lol). I always had the moniker DJ Diva before I started blogging.  I [...]

Monday Mixtape: DJ Diva’s Best of 2008

Welcome to the Last Monday Mixtape of the year! I had so much fun this year doing these new music compilation mixtapes. We have: Mary J. Blige, The Dream, Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Kanye West, Will.I.Am, Charlie Wilson, Erykah Badu, Ne-Yo, Robin Thicke, Ludacris, Beyonce and many more!!

Monday Mixtape: The Sasha Fierce/Beyonce Mix

I have been dying to do a Beyonce mix so this week I went in! Her new album comes out tomorrow and since I love picking singles off a new album, this weeks Monday Mixtape is compilation of my favorite Beyonce tracks mixed in with her new songs from the “I am…Sasha Fierce” album.

Blogger Beef: Sandra Rose vs Angel of Concrete Loop

I won’t lie…I peeped this from NecoleBitchie and Aura on Twitter. Thanks girls! LOL Now onto the beef. Apparently Angel got mad at Sandra for posting that Kanye West had a ghost blogger Ghost Blogger-similar to a ghost writer but utilized to keep an internet blog up to date. Now I always felt that he [...]

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