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Prince Makes Song for Minnesota Vikings

See…I love Rap Radar… Prince has created a new song for the Minnesota Vikings. Yes His Royal Highness is a football fan. Not crazy about it..but it’s Prince so I love it!!!! If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

Monday Mixtape: Sexcellence

This week’s mixtape is fulfilling a request from a long term blogger friend. SueZette. We have such long history (maybe I’ll blog about it on the private spot Zette ;)) but I love this girl. She is magnificent and striking and intelligent…she was going in a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and I dug what she was playing so I offered to make her a mix. I hope you enjoy our version of Sexcellence!

Monday Mixtape: Secret Lovers

So this week’s mix is all about cheating songs. Nuff said! Enjoy and don’t get caught! I don’t wanna read about none of yall in the news!

Monday Mixtape: Baby Making Music

R & B has been making a hard comeback! Maxwell, Al B Sure, Ryan Leslie…these mens been doing it!

I put together a bunch of my favorites as well as some new and cool joints I love.

Monday Mixtape: John Legend (My Birthday Request)

I Love R&B. I mean really really love it! The new artists coming out really don’t have that soul that I’m looking for…or the longevity factor…

Not John Legend!!!! Whether he’s singing about cheating on you, leaving you or loving you…his sultry, raspy growl will have you straining to get every last lick and lyric coming out of his mouth. Not to mention his piano skills which leave me absolutely breathless! ( and I thought only Prince could do that!LOL)

It’s my birthday this week so I guess I had to treat myself right? So for my Mixtape present to myself I compiled all of my John Legend favorites…i hope I included yours!

Monday Mixtape: Emotional Prince Mix

Welcome to Season 2 of the Monday Mixtape! Can you believe it’s been a year? I’m starting off this year the same as last…with my inspiration…my idol…my very favorite artist…PRINCE!!!!!!

Q-Tip, Prince & DJ Scratch

If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

The JayMoney Prince Workout Mix

My first podcast:
“I’m a little rusty and I’m working some kinks out…I’m kinda tired so I didn’t record an intro..not to mention Prince is hard as hell to mix because all of his songs begin very distinctively… but here because of the @JayMoney challenge…I present to you…”

Monday Mixtape Madonna Birthday Tribute Podcast

I am a huge Madonna fan! So in honor of her birthday, I put together some of my favorites:

Monday Mixtape Swagger

Make sure to vote for me for Best Podcaster on the Black Weblog Awards. Now I’ve been called conceited my whole life…I like to think of it as confidence…or a “certain” swagger which is the name of this Monday Mixtape by Your Mixtress – DJ Diva !

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