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Monday Mixtape: I’m Every Woman

This Monday Mixtape was a special request from one of my listeners. I put up a shoutbox for requests and Ebony so sweetly requested a mix of songs that inspire women. This was perfect timing because my birthday is Saturday and nothing makes an Aries feel better than some pump-me-up music.

Monday Mixtape: Temple/RealHipHopMix v.1

This mix means a lot to me. Those of you who knew me as a teenager, knew that I was a firm follower of the Daisy Age. I walked around with hand painted daisies on the butts of my jeans, wore a leather Africa piece, had the Mexican poncho with the Native American woven backpack. In my ears was a yellow Sony waterproof Walkman with homemade mixtapes of pro Black, pro Women, pro progress music. This was also during the aftermath of the crack epidemic…when Harlem still could resemble New Jack City..and the lyrics in the musics lamented the effects of crack and what it did to ordinary people.

Monday Mixtape: Vh1 Honors of 2008

This weeks Monday Mixtape is all about the honorees of the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors of 2008. I have Slick Rick, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, & Cypress Hill…Enjoy!!!!

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