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Monday Mixtape: Mariah Carey (Artist Spotlight)

This Monday Mixtape is all about my birthday idol Mariah Carey. We all share a birthday with someone…and I do with Mariah! Mariah Carey has been an idol of mine for long time. We share the same birthday and although she is 4 years older than me..she has always provided me with the inspiration to follow my dreams.

Mariah Carey’s Drunk Acceptance Speech

I’m not even mad at Mariah. I’ve had those moments. She was probably so happy to be nominated that she threw a couple extra ones back! She was still kinda graceful though….later…she could just blame it on the alcohol…like we all do! LMAO If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! None Found

Soul Christmas

Merry Christmas…This mixtape is named Soul Christmas and I tried to include everyone’s favorite. I hope you enjoy and have a happy holiday!!!!!

DJ L R&B #12 Mixtape Review By DJ Diva

DJ L makes a good effort on RNB #12. He has great tracks, but at times gets a little scratch happy. I love to hear skill but when it turns into sounding like a messed up cd….

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Night Out in NYC

Personally, I was more interested in these nuptials than Jay-Z and Bey! I am glad Mariah found somebody…and don’t front ..Nick Cannon is a hot “Milk and Cookies”!!! (Milk and Cookies-a younger man). Continue reading for more and pics.

Monday Mixtape : Diddy Makes You Dance Vol.1

Hey Everybody! It’s time for Mixtape Mondays!!!!! This week I decided to do a mix of Diddy inspired music. There wasn’t a night that I was in the clubs that I didn’t hear a Puffy track. So I put some of my favorites together for this week’s mixtape “Diddy Makes You Dance Vol.1” I hope […]

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