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Monday Mixtape: Secret Lovers

So this week’s mix is all about cheating songs. Nuff said! Enjoy and don’t get caught! I don’t wanna read about none of yall in the news!

Monday Mixtape: Request Volume 1

This week’s Monday Mixtape was inspired by several different factors. Whenever I go to a party I always request songs…I can’t help it! And I always love when they play a track beyond the 2 min break…for me …some songs are meant to be 5-9 mins long!

Old School Artist Spotlight: Luther Vandross Slow Songs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!! It’s my 35th birthday to day but it is also Old School Thursday!!! I have two mixes for you today full of Luther Vandross love songs! There are some changes taking place around here, so please pardon the apperance while the blog is under construction. I didn’t find any dirt but […]

Monday Mixtape: Luther Vandross Fast Mix

Download Here: Hey Everybody…It’s time for the Monday Mixtape! Yeah…I know it’s Tuesday. Did I mention that I’m a mom and wife? LOL I’m also the chick that puts it down twice a week. Show me some love! This week I’m featuring Luther Vandross. I miss him so much. I will posting his biography on […]

Oold School Artist Spotlight: Aretha Franklin

Aries…The first sign of the zodiac. Natural leaders. Hey Everybody…It’s time for the Aries Artist Spotlight!!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes (wink @AS)…it’s only 2 weeks from today!!!! I love yall…all of yall…(and yall too. I wish u the best) This weeks Aries artist is Aretha Franklin. The Queen! I don’t know about yall…but I […]

Old School Mixtape/ Your Cheating Heart!

Ok so Blogger ate my first post…I’m a Diva…I ranted…Now I’m over it! Good thing it did…cause now I revised the playlist and it’s even better than before! So sit back…press play…and remember all the times you cheated…or the times that you were cheated on! And if you have a little time…read my commentary on […]

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