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Monday Mixtape: 80’s Smooth Grooves Vol 4

As usual you are listening to this on Tuesday. Hopefully things slow down in my personal life or I will have to change the name of the mixtape (uhm..not! LOL)

Anyway, this Monday Mixtape was a request from a wonderful woman at my job. She’s sweet and we share so many things in common. It’s also dedicated to my Aunt Pam because I can remember hearing all this music at her house all the time in the 80’s

Monday Mixtape: 80 Smooth Grooves Vol. 3

This week I took the Monday Mixtape back to the 80’s. The 80’s Smooth Grooves Volumes are very popular so I blessed you with another edition. It should be called the Divalicious and EJ session because my sister suggested half the tunes and EJ have been giving us these tracks on his OSWs. Some of your favorite podcasters dropped in:

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