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Monday Mixtape: 90’s Girl Power (EbtheCeleb Request)

This week”s Monday Mixtape is a request by @Eb_the_Celeb. A few months back she requested a 90’s girl mix. I tried to include many of the girl groups and collabos that were quite popular in 90’s R&B.

Monday Mixtape: New York October

Hey everybody! This mix of new songs is real New York heavy. It could be from the fact that we moved again in Harlem. Really the heart of Harlem this time. I love New York. The feel of the artists..the pounding of the beats. I could see myself having a Lil Mama moment during Jay-Z’s […]

Monday Mixtape: Temple/RealHipHopMix v.1

This mix means a lot to me. Those of you who knew me as a teenager, knew that I was a firm follower of the Daisy Age. I walked around with hand painted daisies on the butts of my jeans, wore a leather Africa piece, had the Mexican poncho with the Native American woven backpack. In my ears was a yellow Sony waterproof Walkman with homemade mixtapes of pro Black, pro Women, pro progress music. This was also during the aftermath of the crack epidemic…when Harlem still could resemble New Jack City..and the lyrics in the musics lamented the effects of crack and what it did to ordinary people.

What’s New in 2009 DJ Diva?

Moving back to New York in 08 has had it’s challenges but has been very rewarding. Most people who come to my site now don’t know that I started off as topic driven blogger 4 years ago (who had the long posts lol). I always had the moniker DJ Diva before I started blogging.  I […]

Monday Mixtape: DJ Diva’s Best of 2008

Welcome to the Last Monday Mixtape of the year! I had so much fun this year doing these new music compilation mixtapes. We have: Mary J. Blige, The Dream, Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Kanye West, Will.I.Am, Charlie Wilson, Erykah Badu, Ne-Yo, Robin Thicke, Ludacris, Beyonce and many more!!

Monday Mixtape: Barry White “The Icon Of Love”

Today’s Monday Mixtape is an oldschool artist spotlight on Barry White. I remember going to see his concert in 1995 at Madison Square Garden with my cousins. We sat behind Q-Tip and we was having so much fun…Q-Tip looked like he wanted to leave his date and join us! But seriously…Barry White was the ultimate love song soul singer. His songs had introductions that resembled foreplay..

Monday Mixtape Back To School

Hey Everybody…It’s Dj Diva and I’m back from vacation with a new mix called “Back to School”! It’s full of songs I see the kids stop drop and lock to in the morning plus some brand new hits! Artists like Ron Brownz, Jadakiss, Lil’ Wayne…I still managed to keep it R&B! …

Amanda Diva: Foreplay Review by DJ Diva

I was one of those people who heard about Amanda Diva but never paid too much attention to her. A pretty face, while listening to her new mixtape, I quickly discovered that she had enormous talent on the mic.

June Jackin’/7 Songs Meme

This is a part of a meme that I got tagged with by my Soul Casting Crew…namely TGrundy, Fave, EJ Flavors and MrFresh… I had to post the 7 songs that are starting my summer off…Bi Monthly (it seems) I release a mix consisting of the jams I’m diggin and playing around the house on a regular basis. February Jams and April Rain are quite popular…Let me present June Jackin!

Monday Mixtape: Dancehall Classics

 Hey Everybody! It’s DJ Diva The Mixtress of R&B, but I really love all genres of music. You knew that right? This week’s mix was inspired by a post I saw a month ago on Soulbounce.com. Shout out to Butta, Nova and Ill Mami my girl from Harlem! Also in this mix, my Soul Podcasting […]

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