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Monday Mixtape: Diana Ross vs. Donna Summer (Disco Divas)

I have to say that I had a great time putting this one together. I was going to do Disco but somehow it shaped up into a battle between Diana Ross and Donna Summer. Long before there was a Bey Bey and Rhi Rhi battle…there was the grown Diva battle between Diana and Donna. Disco was good for Diana’s emerging solo career and for the newcomer Donna’s breakout hits. The 70’s were good to these ladies so I included most of their fast hits!

Monday Mixtape: Funked

I will end up taking a few weeks off from the Mixtress because of the job, plus I’m learning so much at the Scratch Academy I wanna start practicing at home more. With the new turntables and loads of records that I have to catalog…I will be quite busy!

So I’m gonna leave you with some funk to tide you over til I get back. I also have a surprise!

Monday Mixtape: Soul Train Vol 1

This week I decided to do a little Diva/Band Mixtape. I mixed up with some funk and some disco. Found time to include a little rap which of course started in the 70’s. If you don’t know all the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight…you are not a black music fan!In that section Todd Kelly dropped through.  […]

Monday Mixtape: Barry White “The Icon Of Love”

Today’s Monday Mixtape is an oldschool artist spotlight on Barry White. I remember going to see his concert in 1995 at Madison Square Garden with my cousins. We sat behind Q-Tip and we was having so much fun…Q-Tip looked like he wanted to leave his date and join us! But seriously…Barry White was the ultimate love song soul singer. His songs had introductions that resembled foreplay..

Oold School Artist Spotlight: Aretha Franklin

Aries…The first sign of the zodiac. Natural leaders. Hey Everybody…It’s time for the Aries Artist Spotlight!!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes (wink @AS)…it’s only 2 weeks from today!!!! I love yall…all of yall…(and yall too. I wish u the best) This weeks Aries artist is Aretha Franklin. The Queen! I don’t know about yall…but I […]

Monday Mixtape : DJ Diva’s Birthday Disco Classics

Monday Mixtape! It’s MARCH!!! That means it’s my birthday month! This Month I’m turning the big 3-5! My musical lifespan includes 4 decades of music starting with the 70’s. I’m proud to be a 70’s baby LOL. So we starting the month off with some of my disco favorites. My parents were hustle fanatics and […]

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