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Monday Mixtape: Fall Jams 10/10 (New Music)

Hey Everybody! This is a New Music Monday Mixtape. It’s a compilation of the songs my twins daughters requested for their birthday mix and some new songs that have come out that I just love to death

Monday Mixtape: Sangin on that Thang

Hey Everybody. This Mixtape “Sangin on that Thang” is dedicated to my friend Q and my blog sisters. After reading my new work of “fiction”, they began clamoring for a mix. You see, one of the characters, when the loving gets good to her, she sings

Monday Mixtape: Secret Lovers

So this week’s mix is all about cheating songs. Nuff said! Enjoy and don’t get caught! I don’t wanna read about none of yall in the news!

Monday Mixtape: Baby Making Music

R & B has been making a hard comeback! Maxwell, Al B Sure, Ryan Leslie…these mens been doing it!

I put together a bunch of my favorites as well as some new and cool joints I love.

Monday Mixtape: Scribe and DJ Diva First Wedding Anniversary

…Our love is sooo strong that it kinda reminds me of being in love as a teenager. When you used to think that you really could be together forever. So for our anniversary mix, we picked love songs that we really loved from the 80′s….

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