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Cupid’s Hunt 2010: Neo Soul Love (Monday Mixtape)

It’s time for Cupid’s Hunt again! 2010 and this is my third year doing it!

Well I’ve actually been down since the beginning..when it was just a few of us…now we have over 30 participants! I’m so excited about us joining in to do this collaboration across so many different websites.

Monday Mixtape: 80’s Smooth Grooves Vol 4

As usual you are listening to this on Tuesday. Hopefully things slow down in my personal life or I will have to change the name of the mixtape (uhm..not! LOL)

Anyway, this Monday Mixtape was a request from a wonderful woman at my job. She’s sweet and we share so many things in common. It’s also dedicated to my Aunt Pam because I can remember hearing all this music at her house all the time in the 80’s

Monday Mixtape: My NeoSoul Mix

This mix is full of tracks that I heard live. Whether the artist was on the come-up or like in the case of D’Angelo, recorded the best album she/he recorded in my book. I saw him at the Beacon…in the all white (Holla if you hear me) when Mos Def was his opening act…I caught Kindred at Le Bar Bat, Jilly and Badu in Philly…Jaguar and Anthony in Jersey and Algebra in ATL. I stumbled into a bar years ago and heard Goapele..staggered into another and heard Floetry. I paid good monies to see Maxwell and Raphael and never regretted a dime!! When I had the pleasure of seeing these artists perform these songs, it sent an aural pleasure down into my bones. I know this one will be on repeat in my IPod…I hope it will be for you too!

KiD CuDi – Make Her Say (feat. Kanye West & Common) Video

If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! Common Ft Pharell Announcement Music Video QTip Gettin’ Up Video Old School Video: After 7 – Heat Of The Moment Old School Video: Snap – I’ve Got The Power Video D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Monday Mixtape: John Legend (My Birthday Request)

I Love R&B. I mean really really love it! The new artists coming out really don’t have that soul that I’m looking for…or the longevity factor…

Not John Legend!!!! Whether he’s singing about cheating on you, leaving you or loving you…his sultry, raspy growl will have you straining to get every last lick and lyric coming out of his mouth. Not to mention his piano skills which leave me absolutely breathless! ( and I thought only Prince could do that!LOL)

It’s my birthday this week so I guess I had to treat myself right? So for my Mixtape present to myself I compiled all of my John Legend favorites…i hope I included yours!

Common Ft Pharell Announcement Music Video

If you like this mix..maybe you’ll like these! KiD CuDi – Make Her Say (feat. Kanye West & Common) Video

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