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Monday Mixtape: I’m Every Woman

This Monday Mixtape was a special request from one of my listeners. I put up a shoutbox for requests and Ebony so sweetly requested a mix of songs that inspire women. This was perfect timing because my birthday is Saturday and nothing makes an Aries feel better than some pump-me-up music.

Monday Mixtape: Funked

I will end up taking a few weeks off from the Mixtress because of the job, plus I’m learning so much at the Scratch Academy I wanna start practicing at home more. With the new turntables and loads of records that I have to catalog…I will be quite busy!

So I’m gonna leave you with some funk to tide you over til I get back. I also have a surprise!

Monday Mixtape: Larry Levan/Paradise Garage Tribute Mix

Larry Levan was one of the best DJs ever! A legendary master, Larry paved the way for the eclectic and soulful to join together and party for days on end! This is my tribute to the master and to my mother who was an orginal ID card carrying member!

Old School Artist Spotlight: Chaka Khan

It’s time for the Old School Thursday!!!!! Some people say I look like Chaka….What do you think? Chaka Khan has always been one of my favorite singers. She’s an Aries born a couple of days before me so I’m sure we share a lot of the same traits. When it comes to R&B, she is […]

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