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Monday Mixtape: Request Volume 1

This week’s Monday Mixtape was inspired by several different factors. Whenever I go to a party I always request songs…I can’t help it! And I always love when they play a track beyond the 2 min break…for me …some songs are meant to be 5-9 mins long!

Monday Mixtape: 80 Smooth Grooves Vol. 3

This week I took the Monday Mixtape back to the 80’s. The 80’s Smooth Grooves Volumes are very popular so I blessed you with another edition. It should be called the Divalicious and EJ session because my sister suggested half the tunes and EJ have been giving us these tracks on his OSWs. Some of your favorite podcasters dropped in:

Old School Mixtape: 80’s Smooth Grooves Part 2

Hey Folks! The picture above is the logo for the Red Parrot…One of the famous 80’s nighclubs in NYC. This is part one of this weeks dual mixtapes set! I’m back in the 80’s for some more smooth grooves…We have Slave,Odyssey, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Gladys Knight and more..

Monday Mixtape: 80’s Smooth Grooves

It’s time for the Monday Mixtape!!!! This week is 80’s Smooth Grooves! This comes from playing DJ for my parents while I was a child. All of these tunes were probably played in the same order as I played it for them back in the 80’s. I hope you enjoy it! Listen Here: Track Listing […]

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