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Monday Mixtape: Baby Making Music

R & B has been making a hard comeback! Maxwell, Al B Sure, Ryan Leslie…these mens been doing it!

I put together a bunch of my favorites as well as some new and cool joints I love.

Soul Christmas

Merry Christmas…This mixtape is named Soul Christmas and I tried to include everyone’s favorite. I hope you enjoy and have a happy holiday!!!!!

Old School Artist Spotlight: AL GREEN

HEY Everybody! This week’s Old School Thursday Aries Artist is AL Green! I have a lot of fond memories of AL. My parents and their friends not only played his music but discussed his life at various card and rent parties. An Aries man, Al Green is also a classic representation of my zodiac sign. […]

Old School Mixtape/ Your Cheating Heart!

Ok so Blogger ate my first post…I’m a Diva…I ranted…Now I’m over it! Good thing it did…cause now I revised the playlist and it’s even better than before! So sit back…press play…and remember all the times you cheated…or the times that you were cheated on! And if you have a little time…read my commentary on […]

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