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Monday Mixtape: The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael


Hey Everybody!!!

This mixtape is a step out of the box. Jimi Izrael contacted me and requested that I do a mixtape for the release of his new book “The Denzel Principle- Why Black Women Can’t Find Good Black Men”.

This was a new experience for me..I took his selected readings…read by the Dizzle himself and laid them over popular instrumentals. I took some of the most recent R&B and hip hop songs and placed them between the tracks.

Jimi talks about everything in this mix and it is extremely controversial! He starts it off with Da Dizzle- talking about the Denzel Washington effect on women. Jimi then goes into the Booty Scale where he rates the various aspects of  white female hindparts. He has a diatribe against Kevin Powell…he really doesn’t care for him as you may be able to tell! Ejaculation Negotiaton starts off talking about just that but it ends with a poignant twist! Birds and Bees is a talk that Jimi wants to have with his daughter when she is of age…really as blunt and straight forward as he can be! Jimi has a problem with Essence magazine too and he tells you all about it! if your girl has a lot of friends…then you need to listen to Peeps. He talks about the generational curse of Single Motherhood which almost made me mad enough to stop production (I’m glad I didn’t). In Exhale he talks about Terri McMillian and you know he goes in on her messed up gaydar! and in the final selection of The Lesson he talks about an important childhood experience and how it affected his life.

I know you will have a good time listening to this. Please purchase the book at Amazon.com (link provided) I’ve read it and you will be laughing, sighing, crying and cursing from cover to cover!

Thank you for choosing me to do this mix Jimi, I hope you sell a million copies!

Track Listing

1. Dizzle – Jimi Iz
2. Smackdown- Lil wayne & pharell
3. Da Booty Scale – Jimi Iz
4. Big ole butt- LL
5. Kevin Powell- Jimi Iz
6. I Wanna Rock (Remix) – Snoop, Jay Z, Ludacris
7. Ejaculation  Negotiation – Jimi Iz
8. Be A Father To Your Child _ Ed O.G and the Bulldogs
9. Un-thinkable- Alicia Keys
10. Birds and Bees – Jimi Iz
11. Soldier of Love – Sade
12. I am- Mary J Blige (Marley Marl Remix)
13. Essence - Jimi Iz
14. I Come First- NeYo
15. Peeps - Jimi Iz
16. Don’t Try 2 Call Her Now- Ryan Leslie
17. Single Motherhood - Jimi Iz
18. Exhale - Jimi Iz
19. Get Money- Junior Mafia ft the Notorious B.I.G
20. Lesson - Jimi Iz

You can also purchase the book at:

Borders Bookstores

Barnes and Nobles

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22 comments for “Monday Mixtape: The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael”

  • Dmitri


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    [...] DJ Diva-The MIXTRESS of R and B | Monday Mixtape: The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael themixtress.com/2010/01/25/monday-mixtape-the-denzel-principle-with-jimi-izrael – view page – cached This mixtape is a step out of the box. Jimi Izrael contacted me and requested that a do a mixtape for the release of his new book “The Denzel [...]

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  • http://twstheunagency.com Rochelle Valsaint

    I love this work. You have set a new standard for writers. As a writer, I will be doing this soon. And, I will be getting in touch with you.

  • http://themixtress.com themixtress

    Thanks for listening Rochelle! Holla at me when you get ready!

  • http://www.thebeautifulstruggler.com Sister Toldja

    Kevin is a brilliant brother who is a soldier in the war to repair Black relationships and destroy sexism/violence against women. You are an angry sexist who is blaming the fact that YOU aren’t considered to be an outstanding candidate for romance on Black women. You think Black women should adjust and change to suit you better? Why don’t you look at yourself? Ah, because you are blinded by your own sexism. This is laughable. You discuss Black and White women like we are just objects. Neither group should be bothered with the likes of you as a partner.

  • LaLa

    Sad that you have to show your talent off by disrespecting your fellow woman. Hope you like the view from the top.

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    [...] Black Men, reached out to me to fashion a new mix for him. I enjoyed the first one I did for him (which you can find here), so I was happy to be tapped to do the second one. I’ve read his book 3 times so I had an [...]

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