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Mary J Blige says Kendu ain’t going nowhere!

Freshalina got some flicks of the royal couple at the Lakers game last night as they publicly attempt to clean up the mess that happened at M2. Before that, they took to the tweets two days ago when Bossip ran a report that Isaacs was having relations with their Matriarch artist.  Pop the hood for the tweets!

Then when a fan reached out to show further support, Blige made clear her marriage status.

Thanks to Rap Radar for the story…

Now my two cents…I am slayed by that last tweet! Done…Go head Mary…He ain’t going no where!

Let me call my husband and tell him I’m the One for the 8th time LOL

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One comment for “Mary J Blige says Kendu ain’t going nowhere!”

  1. As usual, haters are making a big deal out of something that may be nothing;however, Brothers got to learn and remember the history of you and your lady together is what matters. And where you would be without each other.

    Posted by Cynthia Harbin | January 6, 2010, 7:32 pm

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