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Monday Mixtape: The Isley Brothers Ballads

It’s late but still Monday. This week I’m continuing the slow jam series with the Isley Brothers. You can’t make a old school slow jam mix without them and I decided to make a mix of most of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it!
1. Lay, Lady,Lay
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. Voyage to Atlantis (EJFlavors)
4. Footsteps in the Dark
5. Hello It’s Me
6. At Your Best You Are Love
7. Just Came Here To Chill (MrFresh)
8. Let’s Make Love Tonight
9. Let’s Lay Together
10. Between The Sheets (Fave)
11. Insatiable Woman
12. Choosey Lover (ToddKelly)
13. Living For The Love Of You
14. Groove With You (MLFM)
15. Make Me Say It Again Girl
16. Don’t Say Goodnight (BSOTS)
17. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
18. Spend the Night (


19. Caravan Of Love

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    2 comments for “Monday Mixtape: The Isley Brothers Ballads”

    1. It is Thanksgiving and NO Gospel Mix?
      What up with that?
      Enjoy the Holiday

      Posted by L | November 26, 2009, 7:37 am
    2. Hey your Royal Highness! Oh snap, the Isley Brothers now THAT’S the kind of R&B/Soul I’m talking about. Now, I like all of the music you post here but, an all Isleys mix? Already one of my top 5 Monday Mixtapes, and I have not even listened to it yet… {smile}

      BTW, one very, very, very minor “oh man, she DIDN’T include THAT song” comment about the mix. On the Brother, Brother, Brother album (that’s the one where the graphic for this post comes from) they have a GREAT ballad called “Love Put Me On The Corner”. My, my, my my my… luv that one. Give it a good listen, I’m sure you’ll use it in a future mix soon.

      Hugs to my sister in podcasting, “Thank you” for sharing your gift of music with all of us. We really appreciate (and look forward to) your mixes each week!

      Posted by TGrundy | November 29, 2009, 9:05 am

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