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Usher Doubted Releasing Papers


Believe it or not, Usher had doubts about releasing the revealing single “Papers” earlier this month.

According to songwriter Sean Garrett, the song was almost replaced with another record.

“We talked about this record coming out quite a few times,” Garrett tells PEOPLE.

“‘Should it come out? Should it not come out?’ We had questions about how it would be taken”.

While the song has taken off at radio and on the R&B/Hip Hop songs chart, jumping forty-three spots (60-17) last week, it has earned Usher a bit of backlash — both from fans and soon-to-be ex wife Tameka Foster Raymond.

Raymond, also subject of a 911 call in September(released last week), wrote a lengthy blog on Global Grind shortly after “Papers” debuted on the net. Calling certain entertainers “Thirsty,” Foster Raymond pointed out the fact that some will do anything to maintain a certain level of success in music.

According to Garrett however, the song would have never come out if feedback and approval from Usher’s label had not been as great as it was.

“We knew it was a smash,” says Garrett.

As previously reported, “Papers” is the lead single from Usher’s forthcoming album “Raymond vs. Raymond” due in stores in December.

Story: SingersRoom

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