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Monday Mixtape: August Heat

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This pays for cutting it up, payloadz and to help me buy new equipment…any help is greatly appreciated)

Look at that…Two mixes in a row. Gotta get it out while it’s in me. I’m starting something new by letting my peeps know when I used their drops (you see how many spots are available right? 😉 hit my email). Love yall!!!

August has been hot in NYC. Likewise the R&B being released is just as hot! We have two powerhouses starting off the mix..Hubby said I HAD to make Whitney #1 and the more I listened to her, the more I knew he was on point as usual. That daggon Mary song is so catchy and so Diva!

I still like Chris Brown.

That Wale track is booty shaking worthy and I’m watching Keri come up hard. Harlem as always with Webstar…Ryan and NeYo duke it out…I think Ryan is better though 😉  My party girl Eb the Celeb MADE me like the Young Chris joint and I’m glad I listened! Had to throw in that Mario track…it’s got such an original melody. 2 Songs by Fabolous because he came hard this summer.

For the slowdown grooves we have a new inspiration song from Usher that surprised the heck out of me when I heard his falsetto. We have some songs from Al B Sure, Chico, Babyface and Maxwell that needed to be played on one of my mixes this summer.

It was hard to chose between R. Kelly’s and Whitney’s version of Salute but I’m glad that I chose Whitney. This will be her comeback album (regardless of what she says) and I’m thrilled that R. Kelly wrote this hit for her. He is the King of R&B.

I still like Chris Brown.

I hope you enjoy it…and maybe you’ll donate? 😉

Track Listing

1. Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston
2. The One – Mary J. Blige Ft. Drake
3. Not My Fault – Chris Brown Ft Pharell (Favecast)
4. My Sweetie – Wale
5. Getcha Money Up – Keri Hilson Ft. Keyshia Cole & Teyana Taylor
6. Tipsy In Da Club – DJ Webstar (Todd Kelley)
7. Ice Cold – Ryan Leslie (DJ Diva)
8. I Dont Care – Ne-Yo
9. Want To Love You – Young Chris Ft. Raheem DeVaughn
10. Break Up(Remix) – Mario Ft. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj (EJ Flavors)
11. Throw It In The Bag – Fabolous Ft.The Dream (BSOTS)
12. I Need A Girl (Remix)- Trey Songz Ft. Fabolous & Teyana Taylor
13. Be – Usher (HarlemLexicon)
14. Badhabits – Maxwell (MrFresh)
15. I Want You – Chico Debarge
16. Top Of Your Lungs! – Al B. Sure (MLFM)
17. Salute – Whitney Houston (Eve)
18. Changed Man – Chris Brown (DJ Diva)
19. Broken Hearted Girl – Babyface
20. Fistfuloftears – Maxwell

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    6 comments for “Monday Mixtape: August Heat”

    1. This mix is dopeness lady. About to highlight it on the digiwaxx blog for mixtape monday


      Posted by Eb | August 24, 2009, 6:12 am
    2. @Eb THANKS SWEETIE!!!!! That is so awesome!

      Posted by themixtress | August 24, 2009, 6:54 am
    3. Keep up the HOT work…!

      Posted by Qunitta Goodin | August 24, 2009, 9:19 am
    4. @Q Thanks Q-sis!!!

      Posted by themixtress | August 24, 2009, 10:23 am
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